House Extensions

If you need more space in your house, it can prove to be a very expensive and stressful experience to go through the rigours of a full house move. Often if you have any undeveloped land around you, your best option is to seek permission from your local council and commission an extension from an experienced team of house extension builders such as Polish Builder.

Polish Builder have a long and happy list of completed projects around London, having handled small room extensions right through to full structural extensions that involve the creation a large number of new rooms. There is nothing our team of professional house extension builders can’t do, and as always with any Polish Builder job, we will always deliver our work at an extremely competitive price but without the compromise on quality.

  • House Extension
  • House Refurbishment .
  • Boiler Installation 
  • Electrict 
  • Gas 

Kitchen Builders

If the stomach is the key to a man’s heart, it makes sense that the kitchen is the core of the home. It’s a place to nourish, to relax, and to entertain, and we understand the importance of that. Polish Builders London can oversee the whole process towards the building of your perfect kitchen: from designing, decorating and fitting of kitchen furniture, to the provision of equipment and appliances through carefully selected suppliers. Our experienced team of specialist Polish builders are reknowned around London for their expertise, hard-work and fantastic level of customer service.

We can work with our associated interior designer to help you create every perfect detail, or simply install all your chosen cabinets and appliances to your exact desire. Whatever you choose, you can be assured that everything will be done to the highest standards.

  • Loft Conversion 
  • House Refurbishment 
  • House Extension 
  • Bathroom Refurbishment .
  • Kitchen Refurbishment 
  • Kitchen Extension

Loft Conversion London

With space in London coming at record-breaking premiums, it makes sense to make the most of the space you are already lucky enough to have. Loft conversions are the most obvious way to squeeze as much liveable space out of your house whilst also significantly increasing the value of your bricks and mortar. Polish Builder London have successfully handled a large number of sucessful loft conversion jobs around the Capital.

Loft conversions have become a trend among homeowners and landlords in London. Our experienced team of hard-working industry professionals will deliver your project on time and on budget. We take the stress out of the whole building process by handling everything from start to finish. Just sit back, (try to!) relax, and allow the London loft conversion specialists to do the hard work for you.

  • New roof
  • Masard Roof .
  • Loft conversion 
  • Flat roof 
  • DPM Membrane
  • Fibreglass roof




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